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Compost Corner

17th March 2016

Compost Corner

Here at Perennial Favourites we recycle as much organic material as possible, dead plants (yes even we have plants which die), used seed trays, prunings, apple cores, weeds and so on.  The compost heaps get quite large quite quickly but that’s ok because it will all get used.

I add some nitrogen fertilizer, this helps to feed the bacteria which break down all the organic materials into a nice crumbly brown compost which is great for using to improve your soil.  This is the material garden writers describe adding to the soil when planting trees and shrubs.

Pelargoniums grown by Perennial Favourites

Compost feeds the soil and a living soil is your best friend for growing healthy plants and having a successful garden.  As this is the time you will be preparing new planting beds and borders your compost heap should be being used up at a rate of knots.  Here on the nursery allotment growers understand the benefit of garden compost and come and dig out my heaps which are then dug into their vegetable plots to help them grow fantastic vegetables.

So gardening tip number 375b, start a compost heap.

The best way to make a compost heap is

Happy gardening